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On this site you will be able to read some testimonies of people who have greatly encouraged us with our families Walking With God ministry. They have encouraged us because of the way they have been so enthusiastic about this ministry.

We have also learnt so much from these people and (in many cases) have incorporated some of their insights and ideas into this ministry.

Click to read any of the following testimonies

Kathy Pyle's testimony on perilous times

Todd Roughton's testimony on our strategy

Rodger and Jillian Leather's testimony on being persistent in establishing QTs in their family

Tattersall family's testimony on families sharing together

Kathy Pyle's testimony on the need for gratitude

Colin Pyle's testimony on how Scriptures memorized as a child and young person impacted his life

Colin's testimony on his debt of gratitude to God for Allowing him to get diabetes

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