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Testimonial from Alton Tattersall

Alton and Rose have eight children: Daniel, Bethany, Luke, Andrew, Abbey, Jeremy, Ethan and Naomi. They live in a rural area at Hikurangi, just north of Whangarei. Alton teaches at a Christian School in Whangarei while Rose home-schools their six youngest children. Daniel and Bethany attend Bible College.

Their testimony about families sharing together

God created families. A Biblical family is the best possible environment for children to grow. Rose and I have always seen our family as a priority. It is a ministry that we believe should be a priority for all parents.

We have not had the strength or the ability to do this on our own. We needed our Lord. Through Jesus, our Saviour, we have been granted the blessing of seeing our children grow in their faith.

Where Rose and I have failed as parents, our God has filled the gap and answered our prayersThe Quiet Times have definitely been given to us by the Lord. We knew that sharing as a family and living our faith openly was a requirement of God. We need to be light to the world including our own families first.Friends of ours invited us one day to come with them to the Pyle's and share the evening of fellowship and experience the sharing of Quiet Times. We immediately saw the value of this simple format that allowed God to speak to each personally, young and old. Our six year old told us that he could not wait to be able to read well enough to do Quiet Times on his own. The confidence that the children have gained from sharing Quiet Times has overflowed into other areas of their lives.

As a family, we are now sharing our faith with unbelievers on a regular basis. Our three oldest have sometimes stepped out on their own with children from another family and gone "street witnessing."

The gathering together as a family during the week and then with other families on the weekend has been an incredibly fun and enriching time for us all. Our prayer is that these Quiet Times with the Lord will strengthen and build our children so that they can then impart the wisdom God has show them by passing it on to the next generation.

Footnote by Colin

I have asked the Tattersall family to share about our Saturday families sharing times. The reason I have asked them to do this is because of how much they love these weekly sharing times and how much of a blessing they have been to our family.

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