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Answers to problems in family sharing times

We found many problems when trying to establish times in our family and we have noticed other families having similar problems.

Some of the problems that can develop in family sharing times are similar to the problems that can develop in establishing Quiet Times.

Below are some tips for overcoming potential problems:

1) Be aware of Satan's discouragement.

Families sharing and praying together over the things of the Lord is such a wonderful thing that Satan will do everything he can to discourage you. Things may go wrong which can keep you from sharing together.

2) Your children don't want to have family sharing times.

Try to make this time a fun time as well as a serious time. We have many laughs, especially over sharing our blessings. We (and most families) have found that it is best to have the sharing time over a meal unless you are having your QTs/sharing time at the same time. We have found that if you have a meal together and then sit in the lounge to have a sharing time, it can upset the children as they have other things planned to do with their time.

3) The telephone keeps ringing.

We have found this a problem in our family because we share over breakfast time. Often I get important phone calls and so I can't leave the phone off the hook. If the call is not urgent, I tell people that I will phone them back in 10 minutes. You could leave a message on your answer phone saying that you will phone them back in a few minutes.

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