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The Strategy in discipling children while parents are in church

This strategy is for churches that have their children go out to Sunday School or Children's Church while the service is in progress.

Before reading any further, note two cautions:

1) This strategy is primarily for pastors and other church leaders.

It is always wrong for lay members to try and manipulate their leaders to take on their vision. Where a church has two visions, you tend to get "di vision."

2) If the children in your church are not presently going out to Sunday School or Children's Church, then it is best, in our opinion, to have them remain in the worship services with their respective families.

The strategy for discipling children while their parents are in church is very simple. It is this:

Train the children at Children's Church/ Sunday School, on how to have a Quiet Time. Once they have learnt to have a Quiet Time, state that the minimum requirement to be part of the group is to do four Quiet Times during the week.

If they have not completed four Quiet Times then, unless they have a valid reason, they should remain in the service with their parents. Most children prefer to be in the Children's Church/ Sunday School and with this incentive, will soon arrive on Sundays with four Quiet Times completed.

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