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The Growing Pyle Family - Birth of Joshua Pyle

 September 2012 

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Introduction by Colin

From left: Rebecca, Baby Joshua, Joseph and Israel

It is with much pleasure that I write the introduction for September's newsletter. The birth of Joshua Graham Pyle on 5th September brought great joy to our whole family.

Kathy and I are delighted with the way Joseph and Rebecca want to get their family forming a close intimate relationship with the Lord and with each other. We are very encouraged that they see the importance of getting their children following the Lord at a very young age.

By Joseph Pyle

I would like to share a testimony as to how using the Quiet Times has helped in my family.

Rebecca and I have been married almost five years. We have two sons - Israel and Joshua. Israel is 19 months and Joshua is 6 weeks old.

Candle Bible For Toddlers

I work as a builder. I start at 7:30am. On a typical morning I wake at 6:00am and spend half an hour reading the word and praying myself. At 6:30am Israel and Joshua wake up and whilst Rebecca is feeding Joshua, Israel has a bottle and I read to them out of the Bible for Toddlers.

Once Israel can talk, I will start asking him what he thinks the Lord is speaking to him about and write it down also. 6:45-7:00 is spent getting ready and leaving for work. It's a bit of a rush, trying to fit it all in, but it's something I really want to be a part of my family.

As a father, I believe it is my responsibility to disciple my family - not the church or sunday school. It is something I take seriously and the Quiet Time is a great tool that I can use to pass on my faith.

Before we go to Bed in the evening, Rebecca and I try to pray and share together about what we have read, and what God has been saying to us. There's alot of marriage teaching around now that talks about the importance of regular date nights and keeping your friendship and romance alive. This is great stuff, and we try to go out together just on our own once a fortnight, while Israel hangs out with either set of grandparents (we haven't been on one since Joshua's arrival 6weeks ago).

But even more important to our marriage than this, is our relationship with God, and regularly praying and reading the Word together. If we neglect Him, and focus on building a good relationship without Him, we idolize each other rather than worshipping God. Friendship and romance are important, but it is your spiritual intimacy as a couple that will make your marriage last.

Having a regular quiet time with the Lord is so important to me. The Bible talks of rising up on eagles wings. As Christians, I believe this is how we are meant to live. So often we can be dragged down by our stress and worry, and take our eyes off Christ. But He has said to us "Come to me all who are weary with heavy burdens and I will give you rest." I find that as I spend time in the Word and in God's presence, it allows me to soar above my worries and concerns. It is very much like having spiritual wings. I find strength, joy and rest in his presence.

As a result of spending time with God, I am able to approach the work day with a clearer mind and a better attitude. When I set time aside for God in the morning, I find myself continuing to talk with God throughout the day; far more than when I have skipped my Quiet Time.

I believe the reason Daniel and Joseph in the Bible were so good at their positions in government was their commitment to put God first in their lives.

I'd like to encourage families endeavouring to do this to really make it a priority. It can be a real struggle in the mornings trying to fit it in with getting ready for work and school etc., but it is so worthwhile. Anything that is really important to us, we will find time to do. I believe that spending time with Jesus and teaching your family to do the same is more important than your occupation, education, sport, hobbies... everything.

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