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Testimonies of David and Melody Pyle

 November 2012 

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Introduction by Colin

It is with pleasure that I introduce David & Melody Pyle to you. David aged 17 and Melody aged 15 are the children of Nigel & Loida. Nigel is my first cousin and is the founder/director of a Bible College in Cebu (the Philippines).

About 5 years ago, Nigel came to visit us. At the time we introduced the family Quiet Times (QTs) to them and they began doing them as a family. We have since visited them on two occasions and it was on one of these visits that we began printing the diaries.

In May 2012 they visited us as a family. We were greatly encouraged with the spiritual growth we had seen in David and Melody and realised that the family QTs had contributed to this growth.

Being an extremely busy family, they found it difficult to share each day. But every Saturday morning they share and pray together.

Testimony by David Pyle

David Pyle - aged 17

Dear Uncle Colin,

The Walking with God journals have been a great help and tool for my spiritual life. It may not seem like much at first but as you go on it really aids you in your walk with the Lord. It could either start your day on the right foot or end your day on the right note but either way it helps you on your daily quest to draw closer to the Lord. It acts as your companion in your daily walk with the Lord.

It not only serves as a good spiritual aid but it is good for spending time with your family and close friends. Weekly we attempt to meet together to discuss and share our best thanksgiving and passages and have prayer together. This helps us to see where each of us are in our spiritual walk. We've been doing this for close on five years.

I, for one, think that all the problems relating to divorce and broken homes and dysfunctional families are due to the fact that people are not willing to spend time with their family or God. People have a different set of priorities nowadays and are willing to spend more time on their careers and striving for financial success. Hence they have less time to have quality time with their family or their spouses and it is because of that, that families are growing more and more distant in today's society. So not only does the walking with God help spiritually but it also helps socially.

It can keep the family together, it can definitely draw people closer to God because a strong family relationship reflects how one's relationship is with God. And these two things are all that matters today.

Thanks for the booklet and the spiritual influence. It's been a great help.


Testimony by Melody Pyle

Melody Pyle - aged 15

I grew up in a Christian family and at a young age I saw many people being used by the Lord. I wanted to be like them and feel that fire that I saw burning in them to carry on despite having many difficulties. I wanted to have that relationship that I saw that they had with Christ.

I accepted Christ and was baptized at age 7. I wanted Jesus Christ to reign in my life and be my personal Savior. But as the years went by, I realized that as a Christian, it doesn't just stop there. Yes, I may have accepted Christ, but deep inside I wanted something more that would make me grow and become more attached to God. I no longer wanted to feel empty nor dry.

About 5 years ago, our cousins from New Zealand came here to the Philippines to introduce their "Walking With God" Diary. At that time, I found this was such an easy, yet simple way to have a spiritual walk with God.

I was 10 when I first started doing the quiet time. And whenever I did it, I felt like I started the day on the right note. It's like having this mindset: since I started the day in the right way then I end it on a better note. I don't know, I guess it's just me but whenever I haven't done my devotion then I sort of feel grumpy and not in the mood toward the people I meet. So it's like whenever I do my devotion, I feel like there's nothing that's going to shake my faith in God.

Even as a family, it has helped us in many ways. We have spent more quality time as a family and with each other. For me, the QT has made us grow stronger as a family walking with Christ, spiritually, emotionally, mentally, physically and socially.

A few years after, things started to get tougher for me. Emotionally, mentally, socially, and sometimes even spiritually; it was starting to get hard to cope and deal with these things. As a teen you sometimes have so many things in your mind at the same time. Sometimes I feel so confused about life, worried about things, sad about what has happened or is happening and all the other emotions that teens go through. It was such a hard time in my life (actually, it kind of is even until now) and it's like you have nowhere to turn to. But whenever I did my Walking With God devotion, I started to feel lighter inside, because I know that there is a mighty God holding my hand and is guiding me throughout all this.

And what's so amazing with this QT is that I felt the verses from the QT were relating to what I was dealing with. Like I felt the word of God speaking to me and giving me encouragement through my downs and was also rejoicing in my ups in life. And from that, I see that the Walking With God QT is such a great tool that can be used to walk with God.

Melody-Lois Pyle

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