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Testimony by Eric Manuel

 March 2012 

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The Manuel's from left: Eric, Cocoy, Shekinah and Sheila

Introduction by Colin

As of yet, we have not met Eric Manuel or his family, but would love to do so in the future. We have been excited that Pastor Henry Gula from Manila (the Philippines) has been getting many families doing the Quiet Times. Eric Manuel's family is one such family. The following is a testimony that he sent to us in December last year.

The Manuel Family's Testimony

- by Eric Manuel

Good day! My name is Eric Manuel, married, and with two lovely children. I am presently employed at one of the Banks in the Philippines. My family and I am are also actively involved in Church ministries and activities.

In the past we had our family devotions and individual quiet time using devotional materials. There were times when the devotional materials were not appropriate in our family, due to the culture, experiences and other factors that may affect the author in writing his/her devotions. Learning more about God from our devotions has been limited due to the limited insights provided by the author.

There were times that we found ourselves missing our daily devotions and Bible reading due to busyness. It might also have been that we did not have the right attitude to know more about God. Sometimes we did the devotion as part of a requirement for my family without really processing God's Word in our lives.

This has been the norm in our family for years until Pastor Henry Gula introduced to me a new approach in personal and family devotions. I was so curious when he told me that he has a different view in personal devotion. He told me that daily devotion with God is not boring or tedious, rather it should be enjoyed and should be shared with family members. I was so eager to find out what kind of material he was using.

He made an appointment with me and my wife, together with his wife Virgie. Pastor Henry shared with us the "Walking with God" material. I was so amazed on how to view God in a very different perspective. He taught us that we can learn more from God through reading the Word on our own through the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

We were so excited to bring home the material and start to have our family devotion. Our family has enjoyed walking with God since then. We have a profound relationship with God as well as in our family. We tend to discuss the goodness of God during dinner, while travelling or merely strolling around the mall. Our perspective with God has dramatically changed. Our view on Him has become more personal and intimate.

from left: Sheila, Cocoy, Shekinah and Eric

Our lives are filled with challenges, but knowing God is more important than the trials we are facing. Having our walk with God does not exempt us from these things but it helps us to depend more on God for victory.

We get so frustrated if we tend to miss out one day of devotion with God. Our lives are lives of devotion with God, and every day is a new day if we put God first in our lives.

Today (December 13, 2011) we are on our week 22, and everyday we are so excited to know more about God. We have shared this experience with our friends and Small Groups. We are also witnessing lives that are being transformed.

To God be all the Glory!

Eric C. Manuel

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