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Nigel Pyle and family (from the Philippines)

 June 2012 

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Introduction by Colin

It is a great joy to introduce my cousin, Nigel Pyle, with his lovely wife, Loida, and their two children, David and Melody from the Philippines. Recently they came to stay at our place in New Zealand. It was a great joy for me to see the growth in David and Melody - to see how much they love the Lord.

From left: Melody, Nigel, David and Loida Pyle

They have been a great blessing to our family. We first visited them in 2008. While there, we realised the great need for Quiet Time diaries and not just loose QT sheets. Before leaving the Philippines we engaged a printer to print the year 1 diary. May their testimony be a great encouragement to you.

Nigel Pyle's Testimony

After Colin Pyle and family shared with us the walking with God program we started as a family to regularly do our diaries and meeting together each week to share what God was teaching us. That was more than five years ago and now today we are nearly half way through Year 4 of doing this. (We went back at times to repeat first or second year dairies so we would be at the same place as others who were beginning the programs)

During these years we've seen our family grow in the Lord and been privileged to help others also become involved in these quiet time diaries and regularly share insights God has taught them.

First it was the Family that benefited in their spiritual growth and strengthened faith. Many times our family was brought together in a deeper relationship with one another and God during our family sharing times. It seemed we were all getting a deeper appreciation of God's Word and one another and also that we were growing in our reverence for things of God.

Then it was the Bible College students at Central Philippine Bible College that were benefited. As the students regularly got into God's Word they showed a marked improvement in the things of God. Less disciplinary problems were experienced and a great spiritual awareness seemed to be developed. Many remarked that it was this that helped their lives transform and be changed.


Finally in the churches we received reports that a greater devotion to God was becoming evident. One minister reports that he matches his weekly readings of Walking with God with his sermons so his members are right where he is preaching. As a result his Church in Northern Luzon of 45 people has now grown to a Church of over 600. So he has had what he would call a mini revival. He acknowledges it's not all attributed to this program alone, but one of the many things he has done. This helped to lay a strong foundation for God's Word to penetrate the hearts and minds of the people coming to church.

Now after spreading this around the Philippines and neighboring countries in Asia and USA we can report that approx 2500 people have received diaries and some excellent spiritual growth has occurred.

So we praise God for the way he is at work in lives of people as they get into God's Word and how this tool can help to consolidate families, Bible College students and churches and transform them into the way of God.

Yours in Christ

Nigel Pyle

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