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Testimony by Rachael Long

 December 2012 

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Introduction by Colin

Nearly 5 years ago, Rachael Long (nee Karp) attended a group that we ran at our place. This group was primarily for people to share what God was saying to them through their Quiet Times (QTs).

Rachael attended with her parents and a sister. After they had been attending for about a year, we eventually discontinued that group. I almost lost contact with Rachael. But when she got married two years ago, she contacted me about getting a year 1 diary. I have since been so encouraged with the impact that the QTs have been having in Rachael's life.

Testimony by Rachael Long

Matt, Rachael and baby David

The QTs have been an amazing God send in my life. Below is a list of eight reasons why I say that they are a God send:

1) They get me ready for the new day by focusing on just how much God has blessed me.

I thank God everyday for my wonderful adorable husband Matt who is the love of my life. I thank God for bringing him to me and all the many beautiful gifts He has blessed Matt with. He is a man of great wisdom, understanding, vision and strength with gentleness and a wonderful sense of humour. Then there is our son David who brings me so much joy.

2) They help me to be disciplined.

I've learnt to be steadfast and diligent to God my family and myself. I surround myself with people that will stir and lift my spirit. God is also teaching me not to hold on too tightly to earthly possessions, but instead to chase after what is meaningful.

3) They cause me to have peace throughout the day.

When I have had my QT with God I feel fresh, alert and energized, ready to step out in new ways expectant for great things to happen throughout the day.

4) They help me to hear from God for myself.

These QTs are the best way of digging into the bible I have ever come across. I now hunger to hear from God. He wants to speak to me. He wants to speak loudly and deeply to my heart.

5) They bring me close to God's own heart by connecting with His Holy Spirit

He wants me to come, to come away to a quiet place, a place which is flooded with His light, a place to worship, to bathe and just soak in His presence.

6) Spending time with God gives me revelations from Him.

Quite frequently through spending time with God each morning He turns up in a number of ways throughout my day; either through dreams, pictures and songs or insights about deep heart matters.

7) They give me a great perspective.

The QTs help me not to be swayed by any negativity that may come my way. They give me the strength and insight to stand tall and be courageous

8) They give me confidence for the future.

I can see I will continue this way throughout the rest of my life. I look forward to having the QTs together as a family as we now have our son, David.

I want to express my huge thanks to Colin and Kathy Pyle. I am grateful to them for carrying out what God put strongly on their hearts with these QTs. Thanks for being obedient to His voice. Many generations will be walking close to God because of this. For ever grateful - Rachael Long

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