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Our Family Tradition of Writing Birthday Cards

 November 2011 

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November seems to be the main birthday month for our family. This year Isaac turned 21, and Grandma 97. Kathy and Matthew also had birthdays during this month.

Over the years one of the things that has become very important to our family is the writing of birthday cards to each other. The reason it has become important is because it is a powerful way of affirming our love for one another.

We usually have a birthday day meal, after which presents are given and the cards are read out to the birthday person. The writing of the cards in some ways has become more significant to us than the giving of presents.

Kathy started this wonderful practice years ago when our children were young. She did this by getting them to make their own cards rather than buying them. She got them drawing pictures and writing wonderful words to each other and to us as parents. It is very special to read how much our children love and appreciate us.

I would encourage families to start doing this with their children as it has been so important for our family. Now that our children have grown up they often make cards on the computer.

Below are two of the affirming messages given to family members.

Grandma with baby Israel


Priscilla wrote a poem and a message to Grandma affirming what a wonderful Grandma she has been to her. She enjoys making cards and made this one for Grandma on the computer this year.

Below is the front page of the card and what she wrote:

On the front cover is a photo of Grandma and our grandson, Israel Pyle.

A Tribute to one who is dear to my heart

"Many stories were read to me,
Sitting on my Grandma's knee.
Scrumptious food did Grandma bake,
Happy days all this did make.

Coming to dear Grandma's place,
Heartfelt memories I can't replace.
Flowers in her garden always bloom,
Lovely in her dining room.

My Grandma is a dangerous soldier,
But her weapon isn't in a holster,
Her prayers go up in deadly force,
To Him, Director of our daily course."

Message to Grandma


You are so special to me. Thank you for the many prayers you pray daily for me and all of us.

This past year I have really enjoyed the many times that mum and I have been able to come and see you. I love your smiling face and interest in life. Thank you for being such a wonderful Grandma. I admire your determination and spunk to never give up.

I hope you have a wonderful 97th birthday, and many more happy years.

May the Lord bless you and keep you.


Isaac wrote these words to Kathy on her birthday 11/11/2011:

Happy Birthday my dearest mother!

Where could I ever begin to describe what an amazing mother you are? I am so grateful in every way possible for all that you have been to me.

Thank you for all your love and care over the years and for your great support. Thank you for all the guidance and support you have given me in life, for your knowledge and wise words. Thank you also for all the prayers you've prayed over my life, especially on my birthday night when I had my 21st.

I am so blessed in every way to have a strong and beautiful mother like you. And so I pray that this birthday would be every bit special for you as you celebrate all the 11's for this century!! (11-11-11)

Lots and lots of love,


Footnote: We have tried as a family to tone down on the gifts we give each other. We also like to buy presents for one of the many Christian aid organisations throughout the world that now have a Christmas gift policy.

This can be a very helpful thing for parents to do. It helps to have children growing up not thinking of Christmas as a time for getting but a time for giving. This is what Christmas is all about. Jesus entered our world to give himself as a sacrifice to save us from our sins.

The last few Christmas' we as a family have brought Tear Fund, 'Gift for life presents.' You can buy all sorts of things such as chickens, goats, water pumps etc. These things go to poor people who need them and the person for whom you are buying a present, gets a card saying they have given a present of this kind, to a person or family who needs them.

Tear Fund's 'Gift for life' website: www.giftforlife.org.nz

P.S. Grandma

For those of you who would, could you pray for Grandma, (Kathy's mother) who just this week has gone into hospital with a very painful shoulder and neck.

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