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I'll Never Walk Alone - "Testimony of a 10 Year Old"

 December 2011 

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Introduction by Colin

This newsletter contains the testimony of 10 year old Matthew Gula and how he and his family have been impacted by the 'Walking With God' Quiet Times.

Jeremy, Matthew and Isaac met Henri Gula (Matthew's Dad) in May 2011 at the Navigator conference in Singapore. A week later Henry wanted to catch up with us so we met his delightful family in Manila (Philippines).

We spent about 3 hours at a swimming resort in Manila where I, Colin, shared with them our family Quiet Times. We have been incredibly encouraged with the way Henry and his family have taken to the family Quiet Times and are spreading this around to many other families.

Matthew Henri N. Gula


- By Matthew Henri N. Gula, (10 years old)

(My Walking With God Quiet Time Experience)

What do you think about walking? Does it excite you, or just the thought of it tires you? I like walking myself, but this type of walking is different. My walking with God is a quiet time for me.

Last May 19, 2011, my dad Henry introduced to my sister Leonna and I the Walking With God Journal. It is a Quiet Time Diary given to us by our New Zealand friends, Colin and Kathy Pyle.

My old quiet time was different from this because we would not be able to do it everyday. With the new material, this is like we/I am talking with God and walking with God more.

Back to the story, at first I did not really take it seriously. But then I realized that I am really talking with God. Sometimes it would really be hard to pick on a verse so Iwould pray and ask God to help me.

As you can see from my title, I have not walked alone anymore. I now know God is always there for me. I have been doing my WWG quiet time for over 210 days (30 weeks) now. My bond with God is getting stronger through this quiet time.

I think there have been changes too in my family. My Dad has become more gentle and more patient. My sister Leonna is more loving and so is my Mom Virgie.

It had really helped me, too! I think I am more loving, I don't get angry easily, and I am more patient. I really like it, and it has helped me through my life. The benefits of it to me are: it has helped me become a better person, my family is a changed family, and I have gotten closer to God. And it has also changed my lifestyle.

I also recommend this because it helped me become closer to God. It can help you in your lifestyle and with your family. Here's a list of more:

  • 1. If you have children, it can help your children understand God more.
  • 2. It will help you with God and allow you to go closer to God.
  • 3. Your family will be changed.
  • 4. You will be a changed person.

So please try it out! That's all, goodbye!

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